Reasonable Fixed Fees for Expunctions and Nondisclosures


Fixed Fee

Full-Service Expunction Package

$800 - $1,000

Full-Service Nondisclosure Package

$800 - $1,000

About the Fixed Fees

The Deese Law Firm will handle your case on a fixed fee basis for all expunctions and nondisclosures. The fixed fees for both the "Full-Service Expunction Package" and the "Full-Service Nondisclosure Package" are one–time payments to cover all of the costs of handling your Expunction or Nondisclosure case in the trial courts. Your fixed fee quote for either the "Full-Service Expunction Package" or the "Full-Service Nondisclosure Package" even includes the "filing fees" or court costs for your case and provides for attorney representation at any hearing on your petition in the trial court.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the fixed fees for both the "Full-Service Expunction Package" and the "Full-Service Nondisclosure Package" are based on certain presumptions about your case. For instance, unless noted otherwise, any fixed fee quote assumes that your petition for expunction or petition for nondisclosure will involve only a single arrest and will be filed in one of the following North Texas counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Tarrant, and Wise. For a fixed fee quote to handle a case outside of one of these listed counties or for a case involving multiple arrests, please call 214.620.0510 for more information.

If your case must be filed outside of one of the above listed counties, then an additional modest "Travel Fee" will be applied to your fixed fee in order to sufficiently cover the travel costs in the event that a contested hearing is required by the trial court in your case. Of course, if no hearing is required by the trial court in your case, then the "Travel Fee" will be refunded to you at the conclusion of your case.

Payment Options

The Deese Law Firm allows clients to conveniently make secure credit or debit card payments through PayPalTo make a payment through PayPal, clients are not required to have a PayPal account and may make a secure payment as a PayPal “Guest” at no additional charge with their credit or debit card.  If you do not wish to make your payment through PayPal, then you are welcome to make your payment via personal check or money order. 

Please call 214.620.0510 for more information on "sealing" or "expunging" your Texas criminal history record information!